Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress Bars

SifterReader now has progress bars. Wow! This is huge! Seriously, the Android Dev Guide says that if any activity takes longer than normal, it should use a progress bar to indicate to the user that the activity hasn't hung. I actually tried to use SifterReader in a dead zone, and without the progress bars it does seem like the application has hung. BTW: they're actually spinning circles, not bars, but that's what they're called when the activity is indefinite. So now when you start SifterReader, you will see a spinning progress bar that says, "loading ..."

  • before the projects page is shown,
  • when selecting a project detail, e.g. issues,
  • when navigating issues with the previous, next and go buttons
  • and after setting issue filters.

I haven't put a progress bar after queries, because it will take a little more effort I think. If anyone else is interested in adding that, please fork SifterReader on Github or on bitbucket.
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